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Tele-Conference Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2004


Board Members Present: Steve Van Ess, Mary Jo Green, Debra E. McKinney, Luke Naegele, Colleen Bunner, Mary Cuene, and Betty Womack

Board Members Excused: Ann Neviaser, Sandra Dercole, Gregory Gracz, Khalaf Khalaf

HEAB Staff Present: Connie Hutchison, Sherrie Nelson, and Sandy Thomas

Others Present: Tom Heffron, WTCSB

Chair Van Ess called the meeting held via phone to order at 11:30 a.m.

Board Report #04-16 2003-04 WHEG-WTC PROGRAM FORMULA
The WHEG-WTC formula, Simulation 3 ($7,500 student budget minus EFC) X 12% = $900 maximum award, was recommended to the Board by HEAB, the WTCS Work Group, and the WTC Board for the 04-05 academic year. Following a short discussion Mary Jo Green moved that Simulation 3 be accepted by the Board. It was seconded by Mary Cuene and passed with unanimous approval

Connie Hutchison addressed a question by Betty Womack regarding Assembly Bill 342 that would prevent students who have drug convictions from receiving state student financial aid. Connie noted the difficulty schools and HEAB would have identifying these students if this bill were to pass and commented on the problem with having students penalized twice for the same crime. She indicated that this bill died in committee.

Steve took a moment to thank out-going Public Member of the Board, Linda Cross, for her service and congratulated Mary Jo Green on her reappointment. Dr. Betty Womack, the newest member appointed to the Board, was also welcomed.

It was announced that the next Board meeting scheduled for Friday, April 23, 2004 will be cancelled as there are no agenda items at this time. Steve advised that there is a possibility a meeting could be called if the Wisconsin/Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement requires Board discussion. The next meeting will be July 30, 2004.

A motion by Mary Cuene to adjourn was seconded by Mary Jo Green. The meeting was adjourned 12:04.


March 2004 Board Meeting Agenda         July 2004 Board Meeting Agenda         Board Reports Index

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