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Board Report #00-12

Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Grant - Special Projects



Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter HEA 6.04(3) addresses special projects funded under the Indian Student Assistance Grant. In October, 1998 the board authorized the Wisconsin Tribal Education Directors Assosciation to evaluate and recommend special projects to HEAB.

Special projects are tuition reimbursement programs for part-time nontraditional Indian students. The programs are designed to meet the unique educational needs of the Indian communities. A designated portion of the Indian Student Assistance allocation was set aside annually for these projects. Special project funding was suspended when need increased for full-time students. It was understood this funding would be reinstated if funds became available. Special Project funds were spent in 1998-99.

Please consider the following special project funding options:

  1. Set aside 10% of the annual appropriation for special project funding. Students will be placed on wait lists to avoid excessive overawarding under this grant. Students pursuing a post secondary education might not receive an award under the Wisconsin Indian Student Assistance Program.

  2. Designate funds for special project funding when a surplus has been identified by HEAB. This funding method gives priority to students pursuing a post secondary education.


February 2000 Board Meeting Agenda         February 2000 Meeting Minutes         Board Reports Index

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