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February 2000 Board Meeting Agenda         February 2000 Meeting Minutes

Federal Programs Status Report


FY00* Appropriations

On November 29, 1999, President Clinton signed into law P.L. 106-113, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2000. The fiscal year 2000 budget contained a provision that required all departments and agencies to cut 0.38% from their budgets. What programs were to be cut was up to the discretion of the individual departments and agencies. The Pell Grant Program was the only higher education program that was cut. About $60 million was eliminated from the total program which because of carry over funds from the FY99 budget did not effect the Pell maximum grant. The maximum remains at $3300 for fiscal year 2000.

* FY00 runs from October 1, 1999, to September 30, 2000. FY00 funds the 2000-01 LEAP Program.

FY01 Budget Request

President Clinton's Fiscal Year 2001 proposed budget was released to Congress February 7th. It includes:

Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnerships Program was left level funded.

Please keep in mind that FY01 runs from October 1, 2000, to September 30, 2001. FY01 funds the 2001-02 LEAP Program.

A detailed breakdown of the President's FY01 Budget Plan for Higher Education may be found in the February 18, 2000 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education on pages 36 & 37.


February 2000 Board Meeting Agenda         February 2000 Meeting Minutes

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