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April 2000 Board Meeting Agenda         April 2000 Meeting Minutes

Federal Programs Status Report


FY01 Budget Request

As you may recall, President Clinton's Fiscal Year 2001 proposed budget was released to Congress February 7th. It included:

Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnerships Program was left level funded.

Two weeks ago, Congress approved a budget plan that provides for a $2.2 billion increase for all "Education, Training, Employment, and Social Service" programs, $2 billion of which is slated to go to IDEA (special education) and the remaining $200 million for all other K-12 programs. The budget proposes no increase for higher education, or for job training and social service programs.

The amendment that had been attached to the Senate's budget plan - which would have raised the maximum Pell Grant from $3,300 to $3,700 in FY2001 - was rejected and excluded from the final budget agreement.

The Senate returned from Spring Recess April 25th and the House will return on May 2nd. Next, Budget Committees will mark up the budget. From the budget committees it moves to the appropriations process. It is expected that FY01 appropriations bills will be enacted in August of 2000. If no appropriation has been passed by September 30th, Congress must enact a continuing resolution providing temporary funding for Federal programs that require annual appropriations.

Please keep in mind that FY01 runs from October 1, 2000, to September 30, 2001. FY01 funds the 2001-02 LEAP Program.


April 2000 Board Meeting Agenda         April 2000 Meeting Minutes

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