Information for Financial Aid Administrators

Events & Processing Schedule

Notification List 19-20: Distributed Wednesday afternoons.
Notification List 20-21 & AES/TES List: Distributed Thursday afternoons.
Voucher Processing: Processed Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon. No vouchers will be processed on Fridays during the COVID Pandemic.

Notification lists for the 19-20 and 20-21 are continuing to be run on a weekly basis and voucher processing will only be run once a week on Tuesdays because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important for all of us to keep our employees safe and still provide the notification list and vouchers on a consistent basis. If you have special circumstances, please contact us.

HEAB Training

HEAB conducts one day training programs for new and continuing financial aid administrators. The training session covers all aspects of the programs administered by HEAB, including:

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Hill Farms State Office Building
4822 Madison Yards Way, 7th floor
Madison, WI 53705
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There is room for up to 6 people per session. Please let us know if you are coming to training as materials are printed based on the number of people attending.

To register for a session or for more information, please call Cassie Weisensel at (608) 267-2213 or send her an e-mail.

2019-20 Wisconsin Grant and continuing TIP formulas

Wisconsin Grant – Tribal (no change)
($6,560 - EFC) x 30.49% = Award
Maximum Award: $2,000
Minimum Award: $250

Wisconsin Grant – TC (no change)
($9,270 - EFC) x 11.70% = Award
Maximum Award: $1,084
Minimum Award: $500

Wisconsin Grant – UW
($7,500 - EFC) x 42% = Award
Maximum Award: $3,150
Minimum Award: $778

Wisconsin Grant – PNP
Maximum award: $3,330
Minimum award: $1,000
Inflation Factors: Dependent – 340%, Independent – 620%
UW-Madison Tuition: $10,556
Base Maintenance: $9,000

Continuing TIP
Maximum award: $1,400
Minimum award: $250

Resources For Administrators