Nurse Educators Program PhD, DNP or Masters Degree Program

PhD, DNP or Masters Degree Program

A 100% forgivable loan for those seeking either a Master’s Degree (MSN), Doctoral in Nursing Practice (DNP) or Doctoral of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).

  • Eligibility and Information: Review the Eligibility PDF to find out more about the program and if you are potentially eligible.
  • Review the Eligible Work Locations PDF to ensure you are aware of the work requirement portion of the program.

How to apply

Contact both your financial aid office and nurse program advisor. You will need to submit an essay to the nurse program advisor on your commitment to providing nurse education to the state of Wisconsin. Although the application documents can be found on this website, you will need to work with your financial aid office to complete the application documents.

Do not submit documents directly to this office. Once your application documents are complete – they are to be submitted to the financial aid office at your school who will review and submit the application to this office.

Complete one of the following:

Complete all of the following:

You should have seven documents total when you are finished.

How to turn a paper document into a PDF with your phone or tablet

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Peter Zammuto
Phone: (608) 267-2209