Nurse Educators Program NEP

The Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB) manages and services the Wisconsin Nurse Educators Program (NEP). The goal of this program is to provide Nurse Educators for Wisconsin.

Three programs are available under the NEP. For all programs, work as a nurse educator must be performed at an eligible work location in Wisconsin.

Review the Eligible Work Locations PDF to ensure you are aware of the work requirement portion of the program.

You must also review the eligibility requirements for each program before applying. Each of the three program types have different application requirements.

Please note: An individual may only receive one single award type. For example, You cannot obtain an award under the Degree Program and Faculty Hire Program.

NEP Program Types

Degree Program

A 100% forgivable loan for those seeking either a Master’s Degree (MSN), Doctoral in Nursing Practice (DNP) or Doctoral of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).


Fellowship Program

A 100% forgivable loan for a post-doctoral fellowship appointment.


Faculty Hire Program

Loan repayment for those recently hired full-time to perform work as a nurse educator.


For questions or concerns, please contact:

Peter Zammuto
Phone: (608) 267-2209